Chemistry labs require various equipment to process different substances, and reactors are one of the staples. They are basically an industrial "pressure cooker" that seals their content and transforms it into a new, desired substance under pressure and high temperature. 

The pharmaceutical, polymer, color, and other chemical industries use reactors for various procedures. These include product mixing, distillation, liquefaction of solids, crystallization, polymerization, and extraction.

There are four types of reactors under the chemical aspect: batch reactors, continuous (steady-state), tubular or plug flow reactors, and catalytic reactors. But they mainly fall into two kinds of materials under the pharmaceutical classification, one of these materials is glass.

Glass-lined reactors are arguably the most versatile reactors compared to other materials. Here's why.

What is a Glass-Lined Reactor?

Glass-lined reactors are made of different steel alloys, depending on the manufacturer, with a uniformly thick lining made of borosilicate glass. The glass lining is on the inner surface of the reactor and uses enamel to give resistance and protection from the chemicals used. Reaction mass can be basic, neutral, or acidic. If the reaction mass is acidic, the glass lining prevents the reactor surface from oxidizing and corroding.

An ordinary glass-lined reactor comprises a single or dual-jacketed glass vessel with an agitator and an integrated heating and cooling system. This system improves temperature control during chemical processing, which is essential for substances with precise temperature requirements.

The reactor's top cover has connections where liquids, solids, and vapors pass through, while wastes clear from the bottom.

Compared to other reactors, glass-lined ones are safe to use with any substance. Whether you are handling acids or chemicals, glass is the best choice for its excellent resistance. Glass reactors are also non-sticky and easier to clean, reducing the likelihood of contamination. Because of this, pharmaceutical, polymer, and chemical industries often choose glass-lined reactors over steel-lined ones.

5 Advantages of Glass-Lined Reactors

There are various benefits to using glass-lined reactors. From flexibility to cost efficiency, glass-lined reactors provide convenience and value to your set of chemistry lab equipment.

1. High resistance

Glass-lined reactors offer excellent corrosion resistance. They can withstand various concentrations of inorganic acid, organic acid, and organic solvents. Glass-line reactors are the best choice if you frequently process highly acidic substances. By contrast, traditional steel-lined reactors cannot provide the same resistance because they're very corrosive.

2. Versatility

Glass-lined reactors are reliable in terms of their flexibility. They can tolerate most chemicals and lab operations. As such, you can use the same reactor to process different substances. Just make sure to clean it between batches.

3. Heat Resistance

Since glass is transparent, you can easily see the chemicals and substances being processed. Inspection is more convenient, which means error detection can be done efficiently.

You can also observe other vital parts of the chemical operations. A clean-in-place (CIP) process is more straightforward because you can see through the glass. For example, you can easily see if there are any mixing issues, if the solids clump, and if other process complications are present.

4. Excellent visibility

Vessels in glass-lined reactors can weather high temperatures and pressures. Steel vessels provide higher heat transfer rates, while glass vessels are best for chemistry applications with intense heat. If you're processing temperature-sensitive substances, opt for a dual-jacketed glass reactor that offers more accurate temperature control.

5. Cost efficiency

Glass-lined reactors may appear costly as they are more expensive than steel-lined reactors. However, they are a practical investment since their versatility allows you to use them with almost all substances. There is no need to purchase another reactor in a different material because they can handle most bases and acids.

Ultimately, the advantages you gain from a glass-lined reactor are worth the investment since it makes your lab work easier and faster.

Invest in a Glass-Lined Reactor Today

Glass-lined reactors present many advantages over other reactors. They are convenient to use and very reliable. The price is also worth its value because glass-lined reactors have a lengthy lifespan and apply to varying chemical processes. Unlike steel reactors, glass-lined ones are more durable in handling temperatures, pressures, and acidic substances.    

Investing in the proper equipment is a crucial part of owning a laboratory, no matter what type of chemical industry you are involved in. As such, it's critical to buy glass reactors and other lab materials from trusted suppliers to ensure their quality. Doing so will also add to your output's value because using suitable materials helps secure your product's quality. 

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