PRESCOTT 1000 Turn-Key Thin Film Continuous Distillation System

PRESCOTT 1000 Turn-Key Thin Film Continuous Distillation System
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Continuous distillation, a form of distillation, is an ongoing separation in which a mixture is continuously (without interruption) fed into the process and separated fractions are removed continuously as output streams. Distillation is the separation or partial separation of a liquid feed mixture into components or fractions by selective boiling (or evaporation) and condensation. The process produces at least two output fractions. These fractions include at least one volatile distillate fraction, which has boiled and been separately captured as a vapor condensed to a liquid, and practically always a bottoms (or residuum) fraction, which is the least volatile residue that has not been separately captured as a condensed vapor.



PRESCOTT distillation systemss combine innovation with best-in-class performance, featuring improved borisilicate glass and AISI 316 Ti steel construction. Designed for compounds of high viscosity and molecular weight, this semi-automated system is a complete turn-key solution for continuous distillate production. Optimized for operation at extreme vacuum, the system can reduce the boiling point of thermally sensitive products without decomposition.

Unit also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance due to its signature patent pending hybrid evaporator and easily removable PTFE-coated roller/wiper basket.

Seamlessly integrated design, constructed of both stainless steel and borosilicate glass to provide a semi-automated wiped thin film short path distillation solution for cannabis separation. The short path distillation system is designed for distillation of thermally sensitive products under vacuum. The system is used for organic products of thermic instability, high molecular weight and high viscosity at operating temperatures.

The evaporation surface consists of a vertical glass cylinder, double mantled and heated by circulating thermal oil. The product is being spread to a thin film on the inner surface of the evaporator by means of rotating PTFE roller elements. These wipers are being pressed to the inner wall of the surface where they produce a thin film with a continuous distribution of the liquid film. The condenser is vertically arranged in the center of the glass evaporator, tempered by liquid flow, to reduce distance for the vapors to prevent any pressure drop by huge transfer space. This technology enables the operation at extreme high vacuum to reduce the boiling point of thermal sensitive products without decomposition.

For the optimization of the evaporation process, the type of rollers, as well as the speed of the rotation, can be adjusted to the viscosity of the product to be evaporated. The system includes a controller for vacuum, temperature, power supply for vacuum pump, thermostat and high speed of wiper motor. The rotating wiper basket is made of stainless steel Aisi 316 Ti and equipped with round, centrifugal PTFE (Teflon) rollers. The cleaning of the evaporator is very simple due to easily removable fasteners.

Prescott 1000 is offered as a turn-key solution, including complete vacuum accessories and three high capacity thermostats to temper feed-vessel, inlet line, evaporator and the condenser, including outlet line. The residue outlet is tempered by an electrical heating circuit to prevent solidification of heavy residues.



 Throughput  2L to 6L per hour (base on processes and material fed)
 Final Pressure
 Standard ATM, vacuum 10-5 torr            
 Evaporator Surface
 1000 cm2, short path
 borosilicate glass
 Feed Vessel
 5000 ml, graduated
 Product Receivers
 End user determined
 Speed Range of Stirrer  30 - 2000 rpm
 Mains Supply  230V +/-5V; 32A (50Hz or 60Hz available)
 Dimensions (WxHxD)  1750 x 2280 x 820 mm



 Mobile Mounting Frame
 Includes necessary holders and fastenings to accmmodate all
 components, mounted on 4 wheels
 Graduated Feed Vessel
 Glass, 5000 ml; Heated by circulation thermostat liquid flow,
 with complete heated inlet line, refillable during vacuum
 operation for continuous working mode.     

 Thin Film Short-Path Evaporator
 Glass, 1000 cm2; heated inlet and outlet lines with double mantle
 for thermal oil heating
 High Capacity Cooling Condenser
 Glass (borosilicate), 3.3
 Wiper Driver Motor
 Adjustable speed up to 2000 rpm; includes driving shaft with flexible
 coupling and vacuum-tight lead through
 Wiper Basket
 Stainless steel AISI 316 Ti with PTFE rollers
 Sensor for High Vacuum Application
 Includes integrated LCD-display; allows for application down to
 10-5 torr (operating vacuum highly variable)
 Sensor for Precise Vacuum Control  Allows for tight control of vacuum levels to provide consistency
 between baskets
 Feed Dosing Pump  Complete tempered high vacuum tight pump; Allows for transfer
 of sample from atmospheric conditions into vacuum pressure
 Distillate Discharge Pump  Complete tempered, high vacuum tight pump; Allows for continuous
 removal without limitation of receiver size
 Residue Discharge Pump  Complete tempered, high vacuum tight pump; Allows for continuous
 removal without limitation of receiver size
 Set of Sealings/Gaskets/Lines  Viton components
 Optimized Vacuum System  Includes diffusion pump and 15m3/h scroll pump, as well as big
  vacuum cold trap with 2 additional condensate receivers
 Thermostat for Circulation
 Allows for tempering of condenser cooling finger inside the
 evaporator with 600W cooling capacity, 2kw heating power, and
 temperature range of -20 to 100°C.
 Thermostat for Short-Path
 Evaporator Operation
 Includes high performance circulation pump, isolated tubes, PID
 control, and color display; Allows for use with 2kW heating capacity
 and max operating temperature of 200°C
 Thermostat for Heating of Feed
 Vessel and Inlet Lines
 Allows for circulating heating, 2kW heating capacity, and operating
 range of 20 to 150°C
 Electrical Control Cabinet  Includes full integration operating elements, vacuum controller,
 variable frequency drives for dosing pumps and power distribution
 on all connected equipment



 Conversion Kit
 Different power supply for all local power supplies between  190V - 600V
 at sites other than 230V
 Protective Sheathing                           
 Side panels made of transparent polycarbonate shield
 Immersion Cooler
 Automatic cooling of the vacuum cold trap, closed process system,
 temperature range down to -90°C




  • Low maintenance & repair costs
  • Lowest tolerances in the market (no welding, forming)
  • Minimized clean-up & hold up from extreme compact design


  • Maximized surface & minimized evaporator distance
  • Complete tempered & easily removed for cleaning


  • High reproducibility in first pass
  • Prevent incondensable vapors with high capacity, oil free scroll vacuum pump
  • Double sensor system
  • Automatic safety circuit for diffusion pump control
  • Double condensate receiver system to separate light ends
  • High capacity diffusion pump (65L/s) with oil level indicator
  • Supersized vacuum cold-trap for outstanding vacuum performance
  • Cold-Trap with drain nozzle for easy maintenance
  • Optional electrical immersion cooler down to -90°C (no dry ice needed)


  • Optimized product flow without hold-up in idle pumping lines


  • High vacuum tight and tempered gear pumps


  • No solidification of resultant materials


  • Simple unit handling with UL/CSA/CE certified controls


  • Maximized diameter and minimized length of heating/cooling circuit



We have years of hands-on experience with this equipment and have optimized its performance by partnering with an leading German equipment manufacturer

We plan for you to scale and design the equipment modularly in order to minimize cost and redundancy

We are a research and development group that constantly innovate our products and will keep customers apprised of developments. We do not have a “set it and forget it” mentality

We have local glass repair support for rapid turnaround and minimal down time during breakage, as well as a growing inventory of parts

We offer support and training that is unparalleled and strive for long-term relationships

We offer much shorter lead times than the competition (weeks vs months)

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