Ai 2-Oven 7.5 Cu Ft Package with Mobile Cart, Cold Trap & Pump

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Dual AT75x Setup

Every one of our vacuum ovens goes through a 2-time 24-hour vacuum leak test, and is 100% quality controlled in New Jersey or Nevada before leaving our facilities. Each 7.5x oven comes with 9 pan shelves, standard.

Attention: Before initial use, run oven at 200C/400F without vacuum for 15 minutes to burn off any residue that may have been introduced during the manufacturing process.

IMPORTANT! NEVER LEAVE YOUR OVEN UNATTENDED WHILE OPERATING. Across International is not responsible for any loss of material inside of the oven.

AT75a is UL certified, AT75x is ETL certified to UL and CSA standards.


  • Adjustable gas back fill capability
  • Best choice for the curing and converting of oil extracts. With deep vacuum level, they can operate at temperatures which allow the degassing/purging process to occur rapidly, thus increase productivity and allow for the production of superior quality products with minimal processing time.
  • Dual layer observation window with 1/2" tempered safety glass.
  • 3" thermal insulation prevents heat loss and minimizes the enclosures outer surface temperature.
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel interior for exceptional durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Built-in alarm alerts you when oven has been shut down by safety circuitry due to out of range temperature.
  • All ovens shipped from our New Jersey or Nevada location for quick delivery, and come with two year warranty and lifetime US-based parts and service support.
  • Guaranteed US based phone and email assistance from an Ai support engineer within 30 minutes
  • Footprint with ovens, pump and cold trap: 67x46x84" (LxWxH)


Dual AT75a Setup


Ai 2-Oven AT50/75 Turnkey Package Installation



Standard Packages

Standard package

2-Oven Turnkey for AT75 with Edwards nXDS20iC

 Part description


Part image

 2-oven mobile cart for Ai 5.0/7.5 cu ft vacuum ovens 1 pc
 Ai 7.5 cu ft vacuum oven
2 pcs

 Ai T40x -40C cold trap package
1 set
 Edwards nXDS20iC 16.5 cfm dry scroll pump
1 set  
 Users manual 1 pc

Additional Accessories for Turnkey

 Part description


Part image

 Flexible KF25 bellow - 2 meter 2 pcs
 Flexible KF25 bellow - 1 meter 1 pc  
 KF25 tee flange 1 pc
 KF25 quick clamp and centering ring 8 sets

Package fittings are subject to change with the selection of a different pump

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