Agilent AX-65 Air-Cooled Diffusion Pump

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The Agilent AX-65 diffusion pump is a high-performance, air-cooled pump designed with bench-top analytical instruments in mind. Its vertical finned boiler and high power provide stable pumping and high helium pumping speed. This pump can be ordered with a cold cap or a dense baffle. The pump includes a fluid-level sight glass that indicates the fluid level at all times.


  • High performance specifications means higher, cleaner vacuum levels
  • Fluid-level sight glass provides quick indication of pump fluid status at all times
  • The wide range of available pump configuration and flange combinations optimizes pump performance and fit for your application
  • Compact design makes integration into space-limited equipment easy
  • Full thermal protection guards against all over-temperature conditions
  • “Pump-ready” thermal switch sends a signal when pump is operational
  • Finned, vertical boiler promotes stable pumping, especially of light gases
  • Three-stage fractionating jet with ejector stage purifies pumping fluid, giving higher forepressure tolerance
  • Do NOT fill more than 30mL diffusion pump oil at a time

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