BioChromato C1 Bump-Free Smart Evaporator 110V 60Hz

BioChromato C1 Bump-Free Smart Evaporator 110V 60Hz
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  • DMSO, DMF, water can be evaporated with no bumping
  • Solvent removal directly from HPLC/LC/GC vials
  • Sample concentration after fractionation, NMR measurement, etc.
  • In-vial concentration
  • Heating and inert gas functions allow faster concentration
  • Made and imported from Japan


  • Solvent removal (for substitution) after HPLC, LC/MS, GC/MS
  • Sample concentration after preparative fraction
  • Solvent removal after NMR measurement
  • Concentration after solid phase extraction
  • Concentration of natural product extract, radioisotope labeled compounds and surfactant solutions
  • Pretreatment for multiple sample in drug and photosynthetic pigment analysis


A Day of Evaporation with BioChromato


Smart Evaporator Quick Start

How to Start Evaporation with Smart Evaporator

How to Set Temperature



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