Xtractor Depot CryoTrap 10L Stainless Steel Cold Trap with KF40

Price: $3,000.00
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Pump repairs and replacement are an expensive hassle. Take the guesswork out of pump protection with the XD Cryotrap. Features stainess steel construction and vacuum jacket, allowing for excellent thermal insulation. An industry-leading vapor path design allows for the rapid condensation of liquids and it comes set up for use with either dry ice or a chiller.



 Model  CryoTrap
 Internal volume  10.3 L
 Material  Stainless steel
 Trap connections  KF40 (KF40 to KF25 adapters with KF40 clamps & o-rings included)
 Sealing gasket material
 Made of FKM, gasket does not touch the fluid, FKM is rated to -26°C
 Compatible with  Liquid Nitrogen
 Dry ice with alcohol
 Chiller with Dynalene
 Recommended chiller  -80°C
 Weight and dimensions  Cold trap/coil: 95 lbs, 14 x 14 x 36" (WxLxH)
 Palletized: 155 lbs, 40 x 45 x 41" (WxLxH), freight class: 250
 Included with purchase

    (1) Dry Ice Insert
    (1) Chilling Coil Insert
    (2) 6"FKM Flanged Gaskets
    (1) 6" Inline Sight Glass
    (2) 6" Single Pin Clamps
    (1) 6" Flat Cap w/ 1/2" MNPT
    (1) 1/2" Full Port Ball Valve
    (1) 1/2" MNPT x 1/2" Barb
    (3) KF 25 Quick Clamp w/ O- Ring Sealing
    (2) KF 40 Quick Clamp w/ O- Ring Sealing
    (2) KF25 to KF40 Adapter


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