SE26 Gen1 Service Kit

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This service kit is made for use with Across International SE26 gen1 SolventVap rotary evaporators. The service kit is intended to replace the primary seals and gaskets that may fail over time, as well as basic components that can easily be lost, broken, or damaged. Items include GL barbs and caps, PTFE sealing gaskets, vapor duct, feed tube, PTFE open/close valves, centering rings, quick clamps, and locking nut for the evaporation flask


Standard Packages

SE26 Gen 1 Service Kit

AI Item# Description QTY
GL18x5 Ai GL18 Connectors - Pack of 5 1
SE-SP-SE26 Evaporation Flask Seal for 10L (1st Gen) SolventVap 1
SE-FC-SE26-Small Evaporation Flask Cap For Ai Small-Neck 10L SolventVap 1
SE.SK.10L.Small PTFE Sealing Kit for Ai Small-Neck 10L Rotary Evaporators 1
QC-CR-35 35# PTFE Center Sealing Ring 3
QC-CR-40 40# PTFE Center Sealing Ring 1
QC-CR-50 50# PTFE Center Sealing Ring 1
QC-CR-60 60# PTFE Center Sealing Ring 2
QC-CR-70 70# PTFE Center Sealing Ring 1
QC-35 Ai 35# QuickClamp 3
QC-40 Ai 40# QuickClamp 1
QC-50 Ai 50# QuickClamp 1
QC-60 Ai 60# QuickClamp 2
SE-CV-SE26-SE53 SE26 & SE53 Receiving Flask Check Valve (ID: 30, OD: 38, H: 23mm) 1
SE.PV PTFE Open/Close Valve 4
SE.ET-SE26 PTFE Extension Feed Tube for SE26 1
SE.VD.SE26 Vapor Duct - SE26 small neck 1
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