Ai 10°C to 25°C 33L/Min 17L Capacity Recirculating Chiller

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Ai WAC-1 digital temperature controlled recirculating water chiller with built-in swivel casters, recommended for our IH series induction heaters (see models below). These chillers have built-in stainless steel tank and water pump for durability and rust-free operation. two sets of water manifolds included for immediate use.


 Input power  110 VAC 60 Hz single-phase (1PH) 1460 watts
 Nominal cooling capacity  1935 kcal/h
 Nominal cooling capacity is according to:
        Inlet chilled fluid temperature: 12°C
        Outlet chilled fluid temperature: 7°C
        Inlet cooling air temperature: 30°C
        Outlet cooling air temperature: 35°C
 Compressor  Make: Panasonic, UL Listed
 Power: 110VAC 60Hz 1-PH, LRA42, thermally protected
 Refrigerant: R410A (800g)
 Number of compressor installed: one
 Water pump  Make: LX (CMFL2-20-A-W-G-BABE)
 Power: 110VAC 60Hz 1-PH 370 watts 3.7A 3450 rpm IP55
 Flow rate: 528 gallons per hour
 Max pressure: 10 bar. H(max); 20.5m, H(n): 16m
 Reservoir volume  4.5 gallons
 Cooling fan  Make: Kunli (YWF A2S-300S-5DIIIA05)
 Power: 110VAC 60Hz 1-PH 155 watts 1.35A 2700rpm 16uF/500V IP44
 Flow rate: 70,000 cu ft per hour
 Number of fan installed: one
 Temperature accuracy  +/- 2 °C
 Recommended coolant  Distilled water
 Water inlet & outlet on chiller
 KF40 flange
 Manifold  Inlet: KF40, outlet: 8mm quick connect with ball valve
 Unit/shipping weight  200 Lb / 260 Lb
 Unit/shipping dimensions  29 x 17 x 35" / 36 x 21 x 42" (DxWxH)
 Safety  Over current and compressor thermal protection
 Working environment  Temperature range of chilled fluid: 5°C - 35°C
 Temperature difference of chilled fluid between inlet
 and outlet: 3°C - 8°C. It is better to use the chiller while
 the ambient  temperature at or below 35°C

 Compatiable Ai induction heaters  High frequency 4kW, 6.6kW
 Mid frequency 15kW, 25kW
 Low frequency 15kW
 CE compliant  Yes
Standard Packages
Standard package

Quantity Image
 WAC-1 recirculating chiller
 1 pc
 Water manifold
 2 pcs
 KF40 clamp 2 pcs
 Users manual
1 pc
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