C1D1 Labs Outdoor Extraction Booth

C1D1 Labs Outdoor Extraction Booth
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Want to drop an outdoor C1D2 / C1D1 extraction container on your property? C1D1 Labs LLC is now proud to announce our new line of prefabricated extraction and post-processing rooms. These containers do not need to be constructed, they are plug and play, turn key extraction labs.

These outdoor C1D2 / C1D1 extraction booths are strategically created with the ability to drop on a piece of property or attached to a building and become operational as fast as possible. Each weatherproof model comes with a AC / Heating system and all the explosion proof fans, lighting, sensors, plenums and interlocks you will need to pass inspection.

Each C1D2 / C1D1 extraction container comes with a PSI engineer peer review. This 50 page packet goes over each code required for an extraction booth to be compliant. This 3rd party engineer review is the gold standard in extraction equipment and will streamline your review process. We have not had a C1D2 / C1D1 extraction booth turned down with this packet to date.

Our three new prefabricated extraction booths all have their own advantages. The 8’x20′ prefabricated C1D1 extraction lab is perfect to drop into any situation, indoors or outdoors. The flexibility of having a smaller model is perfect for companies looking to strategically place their extraction room into their facility. This model also allows companies to easily separate their extraction and post-processing rooms. The 8’x40′ model is a step up for some of the larger companies wanting to reach larger through puts with more equipment. With more space you can get more done, safer. Finally, our twin 8’x20′ outdoor extraction and post-processing model is the fastest way to get compliant and permitted. In most locations where extraction is permitted, you will have to separate your extraction and post-processing equipment. This model does exactly that for you, by connecting two 8’x20′ models with a door in the middle. The twin model innovates the extraction room design by allowing you to connect a post-processing room while keeping linear air flow.



  • Engineer Peer Review
  • Front door: 3’W x 7’8” T, 90-minute fire rating steel construction
  • Class 1 Division 1 LED light fixtures with 7,000 lumens each
  • Explosion-proof intake and exhaust fans- programmed to purge when LEL is reached
  • Gas detection: Explosion proof (M2A), connects to alarms
  • HZEX Class 1 Division 1 emergency exit light
  • UL listed control panel box, weatherproof for outdoor units
  • Pre-fabricated for extraction or post-processing
  • Turnkey facilities come fully-constructed and ready to be put to use as a standalone facility for your property or to accommodate growing production outside an existing extraction facility.
  • Power requirements: 208-240V, 1~phase, 35 amps



Drag and Drop Extraction Containers

C1D1 and C1D2 Prefabricated Extraction Pods are effective, affordable, and a turn-key solution for on-site extraction. We are proud to announce our line of engineer peer reviewed extraction pods that can be ready in as quick as 6-8 weeks. Our containers are compliant and convenient. Let us do the work, these units come completely constructed with horns/alarms, sensors, e-stops, lights, ventilation, purge system and interlocks, etc.

Available models

8'x20'x8': This single container unit can be used for smaller extractions systems. These units can be modified for butane, ethanol, pentane or any other solvents you are using.

8'x40'x8': This 40' long container can fit our full extraction equipment line all the way to distillate. A one stop container that can hold a 1,800lbs a day system.

16'x20'x8': 2 Containers placed side by side for multiple solvent classification areas while maintaining linear air velocity. This is great for butane extractors who need a separate area for vacuum ovens to purge their product.

16'x40'x8': 2 full size 40' containers placed side by side for multiple solvent classification. Many clients like to use this to separate their ethanol extraction from their pentane crystallization and pesticide remediation solvents.

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