316L SST Mobile Splash Bin for Ai Glass and SST Reactors

Price: $799.00
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Across International corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel mobile splash bin with lips and detachable base, fits our 10L, 20L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L glass reactors, as well as 100L and 200L stainless steel reactors.



 Ai reactor model  Splash bin dimensions (WxDxH)
 Glass, 10L and 20L  15.5 x 19 x 8"
 Glass, 50L  17.5 x 20 x 8"
 Glass, 100L. Stainless, 100L  21.5 x 23.2 x 8"
 Glass, 150L and 200L. Stainless, 200L  24.2 x 28 x 11"
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