Ai ETL C1D1 Dual-Jacketed 300L 316L-Grade Stainless Steel Reactor

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Ai 316L Grade Stainless Steel Reactor Features

  • Horizontally mounted condenser for low center of gravity.
  • Dual jacketed. Sealed outer insulation jacket provides best temperature performance inside chamber
  • All wetted parts on main vessel and lid built with pharmaceutical grade 316L SST
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger for the best condensing results
  • ElectroPolished internal chamber
    • Greatly reduces surface roughness by leveling micro-peaks and valleys
    • Improved vacuum pressures, out-gassing rates, and pumping speed
    • Prolong equipment lifespan by reducing friction and wear
    • Much better sterilized and semiconductor grade surface
    • Essential for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Detachable condenser and collection tanks
  • Dual collection tanks with big sight glass allows you to drain without breaking vacuum
  • High drain port clearance for easy draining or added filtration
  • Large ports (top 12" bottom 6") allows easy chamber cleaning
  • Top placed vacuum port on condenser provides better flow and condensing results
  • No messy cable, with space saving integrated stirring motor controller
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel frame with swivel casters
  • Tons of tri clamps adapters available, e.g. tri clamp to hose barb/KF25/NPT
  • Flexible bellow condenser connection reduces shipping damage
  • Electric motor and controller model is ETL certified to UL and CSA standards
  • Peer reviewed model (Pneumatic motor and controller) is approved to be used with Acetone, Ethanol, Heptane, Hexane, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methanol, and Pentane


  • Never fill circulated heaters or chillers with water, always use Ai or manufacturer's recommended thermal fluid
  • Always leave ample fluid space in heater reservoir to allow fluid heat expansion



SR300 Stainless Steel Reactor with Reflux Condenser



Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger




 Electric stirring motor

 220V, 50/60Hz, 1~Phase, 200 watts, 1/4 HP
 Rotation: 450 rpm max. (±8%)
 Starting torque: 3.0 N.m
 Rated torque: 1.54 N.m
 Built-in gearbox ratio: 3:1 to 180:1
 Controller: Delta, UL listed
 Pneumatic stirring motor  - Power: 1/4 HP
 - Rotation: 450 rpm max. (±8%)
 - Compressed air pressure range: 30 to 80 psi (0.2 to 0.55 MPa)

 - Working temperature: -10C to +70C
 - For constant use: set rpm to 80% of maximum rpm
 - Motor lubricant
  • Mobil Grease XHP 222, Lithium Complex, Blue, NLGI Grade 2
  • Check/replenish/replace every 500 hours
 - Air lubricant
  • Type: JIS K2213-1 (ISOVG32)
  • Recommended products: Shell Vitrea Oil 32, JOMO Turbine 32, COSMO Turbine 32
  • Speed: 2-3 drops per minute
 - For safety purpose, detach compressed air supply when not in use, left un-attended or at night
 - Do not run motor un-loaded
 - Set Air Adjuster to minimum at initial run, make sure motor is working properly, before increasing CFM
 - Before inspecting unit, stop the motor and detach air supply. Do NOT inspect unit when motor is in action.
 - Make sure exhaust port/hole is clear from any debris or blockage
 - Check every 2-3 days: Air Lubricant, Air Filter water drain
 Port configuration
 Lid: 12" triclamp
 Center motor port: 3" triclamp
 Drain port: 6" triclamp
 Drain port on/off valve: 2" triclamp
 Vacuum port: 1.5" triclamp
 Condenser recirculating fluid port: 1/2" female NPT
 Vessel jacket recirculating fluid port: 1" female NPT
 50L/100L collection tank lid: 6" triclamp x 1, 1.5" triclamp x 4

 Main vessel
 Volume: 300L
 Material: 316L grade stainless steel
 Interior finish: ElectroPolished
 Agitator  Structure: propeller, 3-blade, dual-layer
 Material: 316L grade stainless steel
 Center fluid jacket  Volume: 50L
 Pressure rating: 20 psi
 Material: 304 grade stainless steel
 Outer insulation jacket  Sealed
 Material: 304 grade stainless steel
 Collection tank  Option 1: 20L x 2, 316L stainless steel, with manifold
 Option 2: 50L x 1, 304 stainless steel, with dolly (15.5" diameter, 23.5" height, 30" with dolly)
 Option 3: 100L x 1, 304 stainless steel, with dolly (15.5" diameter, 43" height, 49.5" with dolly)
 All wetted parts 316L grade stainless steel on main reactor body
 Rest of reactor in 304 grade stainless steel, including motor coupling, triclamps, temp/pressure gauge adapters, and chassis.
 Main Condenser

 Style: shell and tube heat exchanger
 Number of tubes: 110
 Condensing area: one sq meter

 Ultimate vacuum level: 1 Torr

 Temperature range

 -55°C to +250°C (-67°F to +482°F)

 Temperature sensor/display

 Regular: BOOST.TTA.0101, -200C to 480C, 50.5 clamp
 Explosion proof: BOOST.TTA.0102, -200C to 480C, 50.5 clamp

 Sealing gasket

 Food grade Viton
 Main Mounting Frame  Heavy duty 2.5 x 2.5" 304 grade stainless steel, mounted on four casters
 Drain port ground clearance  Drain port: 19.5 inches
 Drain valve: 14 inches
 Shipping Weight (Unit)
 770 Lbs / 990 Lbs
 Shipping Dimensions  48 x 38 x 88" (WxDxH)
 Assembled Dimensions
 38" x 47" x 81" (WxDxH) without 20L receiving flasks assembled
 51" x 47" x 81" (WxDxH) with 20L receiving flasks assembled
 Compliance  ETL tested to UL and CSA standards
 C1D1 peer review by PSI (optional)
Standard Packages

Standard package

 Part description


Part image

 SR300 Base with vessel (splash bin shown in picture is optional at extra cost) 1
 Electrical Motor with controller (pre-installed) or Pneumatic Motor
 Compressed air regulator (color may vary)
 Comes only with pneumatic motor
 Battery Operated Thermocouple (pre-installed) 1
 Vacuum Gauge (pre-installed) 1
 Tri clamp tee 1.5” 1
 Yor-Lok 12mm valve with 1.5” tri clamp adapter 1
 Triclamp Vessel Sight Glass with 2x Gaskets and triclamp and flange lid (pre-installed) 1
 Condenser with one sight glass and two clamped supports (each sight glass comes with 2x gaskets, triclamp, and flange lid ) (preinstalled) 1
 20L Collection flask with two sight glasses (each sight glass comes with 2x gaskets, triclamp, and flange lid) 2
 1.5 “ tri clamp bellow (18.5” in length ) 1
 3” tri clamp bellow (14.5” and 12” in length) 2
 1.5 “ 2-way tri-clamp ball valve (pre-installed) 6
 1.5 “ 3-way tri-clamp ball valve (pre-installed)
 2” tri-clamp ball valve 1
 6” to 2” tri-clamp adapter (pre-installed) 1
 90 degree 2” tri-clamp elbow (pre-installed) 1
 Bottom Cover for Variable Frequency Drive (must be made and installed on unit) 1
 90 degree 1.5” tri-clamp elbow(pre-installed) 2
 Insulation Jacket 1
 1.5 “ tri clamp (pre-installed) 16
 2 “ tri clamp (pre-installed) 2
 3” Triclamp (Preinstalled) 3
 3” triclamp with bolts (preinstalled) 1
 6” tri clamp with bolts (pre-installed) 1
 12” tri clamp with bolts (pre-installed) 1
 1.5 “ tri clamp viton gasket (pre-installed) 16
 2“ tri clamp viton gasket (pre-installed) 2
 3” tri clamp viton gasket (preinstalled) 4
 6” tri-clamp gasket (pre-installed) 1
 12” tri-clamp gaskets (pre-installed) 1
 3” x 1.5” tri clamp distillation tee (preinstalled)

 User's manual 1

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