High-Tech 3-Lb to 7-Lb Plant Shredder

Ultra-Low Chest Freezer
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The High-Tech shredder allows for grinding plant matter to the perfect consistency in a short amount of time. This machine uses whips rather than blades so you have a uniformed consistency no matter what.

The 3-Lb shredder can process around 3 lbs. of material in 3-7 seconds, while the 7-Lb shredder can process around 7 lbs. of material in 10-15 seconds, depending on moisture levels.

The 3-Lb shredder can shred up to 100 pounds per hour, and the 7-Lb shredder 200 pounds per hour, with a single operator, depending on moisture levels.


  • The shredder comes with set of whips installed (Food Grade) and safety Lid
  • Output depends on moisture and density of product
  • Timer: 1-15 seconds
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Whips: food grade
  • Free Shipping to the lower 48 States
  • UL rated






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