C1D1 Labs Mobile Extraction Lab with Trailer 480V

C1D1 Labs Mobile Extraction Lab with Trailer 480V
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Price $200,000.00



Mobile Extraction Lab

C1D1 Labs is proud to announce the launch of our mobile extraction lab. Pulled on a 40' trailer, this mobile cold ethanol extraction facility is capable of extracting biomass all the way to distillate.

This mobile extraction lab attaches to a goose-neck hitch and is able to drive right to your farm to process biomass to either crude or distillate. Half of this mobile ethanol extraction facility is actually a certified C1D1 extraction room. This engineer peer reviewed system is the safest way of extracting as they come standard with the needed linear air velocity, vapor sensors, alarms, explosion proof fans and all the interlocks required by NFPA, IFC, and your local state codes.

Mobile Extraction Equipment

The C1D1 Labs mobile extraction lab is able to extract about 1800lbs in a 24 day with our CCE30 Centrifuge Extraction System. With the use of our solvent blaster and cold ethanol, we are able to remove fats and lipids inline and streamline the refinement process. With the use of a Yellowstone Falling Fillm, we can even recover 80 gallons per hour in this mobile extraction lab. With the addition of explosion proof centrifugal pumps and our new filter flow technology, we are able to track the flow of the system and even control it with precision!

C1D1 Labs LLC is also very proud to announce our agitated decarboxylation reactor. This unit replaces your rotovaps and glass reactors with one efficient process to prepare your crude for distillation. Distillation occurs in the auxiliary room, where extraction technicians can refine your oil right on the farm. C1D1 Labs LLC is proud to be reselling the Prescott 6" wiped film. This unit can be sold in a single or dual stage set up for multiple "passes".

From biomass to distillate the C1D1 Labs LLC mobile extraction lab can be built and prepared for a client in 10 weeks. This lab comes with training on the each piece of equipment, so from day one your team will be rocking a solid process flow. Our consultants are knowledgeable and friendly. They will be able to answer questions about the equipment and teach the best standard operating procedures built around mobile extraction.

Don't be afraid to reach out to us via phone (510-421-9021) or by email (Sales@C1D1Labs.org). Our sales team has more information we would love to share with you. Or feel free to fill out the contact form below and someone from our sales department will reach out to you within 24 hours regarding our mobile extraction lab.

This unit can be sold with or without the equipment. Multiple unit orders will receive discounts.


Mobile Extraction Lab components in the fully equipped MEL | $1,059,000

  • Mobile C1D1 & distillation room with air conditioning (trailer Included) | $200,000
  • CCE30G Centrifuge | $90,000
  • Pre-Chill Solvent Blaster | $80,000
  • Huber 815 Chiller (208V) and C1D1 Recovery Chiller | $83,051
  • Yellowstone 60kw 80gph Falling Film | $200,000
  • Three Stage Filter and Pump Skid | $12,000
  • 2x Dimpled 50G Ethanol Storage Tanks | $8,000 each
  • 200L Agitated Decarboxylation Reactor | $60,000
  • Prescott 6” Wiped Film | $259,000
  • Equipment/ Electrical/ AC/ Plumbing Installation | $45,000
  • Only one connection required!
  • Power requirements: 480V, 200 amps




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