C1D1 Labs C1D2 Certified 30 to 200 Gallon Centrifuge Systems

C1D1 Labs C1D2 Certified 30 to 200 Gallon Centrifuge Systems
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C1D1 Labs C1D2 certified centrifuge

C1D1 Labs C1D2 certified centrifuge is designed to optimize production for your processing lab. This C1D2-rated centrifuge is certified with an Engineer Peer Review to ensure quality and compliance. Capable of processing 600 lbs of biomass in an 8-hour shift, this centrifuge is the perfect choice for any extraction facility.

Need to process large amount of biomass? With our new line of C1D2 centrifuges for ethanol extraction. Paired ultra-low cooling tech, these centrifuges are able to scale your production, while maximizing efficiency. When running at these ultra-low temps, our consumers are able to to filter fats and lipids directly in-line with the C1D2 extraction centrifuge. With a steady spin, and large capacities, our centrifuges are high-quality. Each jacketed centrifuge comes with an explosion proof touch screen control panel for easy programming and control over the machine. Refine your standard operating procedures and get the most out of your centrifuge extraction system. Each extraction systems comes certified with an engineer peer review, guaranteeing your acceptance through your local municipality.

Order your 30 Gallon, 50 Gallon, 100 Gallon, and 200 Gallon C1D2 Centrifuges from a company that can provide a complete solution. For the first time, we are now offering to design your lab at no extra cost with purchase of a centrifuge extraction system & modular extraction booth. Each design comes with a PE fire protection engineer report stamped for your state, streamlining your entire project through site planning. This is a slingshot for the entire project, getting you operational faster! Have confidence in the equipment you order.

Our 30G - 50G - 100G - 200G C1D2 Centrifuge Extraction Systems are now available for order. Process more biomass with a bigger centrifuge, these new large extraction systems can process 4,000-5,000 lbs a day. With our new fire rated extraction booths, we are able to create F1 occupancy facilities that can produce up to 18,000 lbs a day. Our centrifuge extraction systems have both high throughput and ultra-low temps. With our chilling solutions you will be able to extract faster, filter your fats and lipids in-line. Creating a more efficient solution to creating a purified extract. See our pricing below:

C1D1 Labs LLC is now proud to also be offering installation, training, warranty, and maintenance. Each centrifuge comes with a 1 year warranty that covers all electric and mechanical parts on the machine. Our full-time support team will be there to answer your technical questions whenever you need them. We will even fly out to your facility and teach you how to run the centrifuge and any other equipment you need help with. Our experienced technicians are well-known and respected for their knowledge and ability to educate.

Don't forget to ask about our install, training, warranty and maintenance. Also, purchase a booth and a centrifuge and get your lab designed for free!


  • C1D2 rated
  • Certified with an Engineer Peer Review
  • 600 lbs in an 8-hour shift
  • Ultra-low temps
  • Optional cold injection
  • 304/316 stainless steel
  • Steel jacket insulation and additional neoprene jacket
  • Explosion-proof 5 HP motor
  • Bi-directional agitation
  • Heavy-duty spin drying
  • Easy to operate
  • Custom wash and spin cycle options


  • 208V 3~phase, 20 amps
  • Purge air requirements for control panel: 31 CFM
  • Consumables: Nitrogen
  • Accessories: C1D1 Labs 200 micron mesh bags
  • Suggested chiller for 30-gallon model: HUBER Unistat 815 -85°C to 250°C with Pilot ONE


  • Setup/shipping dimensions: 36.5 x 46.5 x 50" / 67 x 28 x 99" (WxLxH)
  • Setup/shipping weight: 1,500 / 1,760 lbs


Huber Unistat 815/825 adapters, tubing and fluid for C1D1 centrifuge (optional)

P/N 6386 x 2    1.5 meter -100C to +350C hose with insulation, MT-350-1,5-M30x1,5      $2,540
P/N 6428 x 2    3 meter -100C to +350C hose with insulation, MT-350-3-M30x1,5            $3,680
P/N 6448 x 2    M30x1,5 male thread to M30x1,5 male thread adapter                               $320
P/N 6461 x 2    90° M30x1,5 female thread to M30x1,5 male adapter                                $420
P/N 6456 x 2    M30x1,5 male thread to 3/4" NPT male thread adapter                              $434
P/N 6479 x 3    DW-Therm heat transfer fluid
M90.200.02                                              $5,040



Outside of the centrifuge itself the list below is what we include or install on the centrifuge

  • Control Panel installed
  • Vent cap tree installed
    • Vent Cap
    • Pressure relief valve
    • Pressure gage
  • Neoprene Jacket Installed
  • Nitrogen regulator included
  • Nitrogen tube included
  • Low pressure regulator included
  • Back up belt included
  • Back up gaskets included
  • Grease and grease gun included
  • 3 biomass bags included
  • Motor and control panel tested
  • Housing and basket deep cleaned


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