Ai Fully Automatic 70 gal/hr C1D2 SST Falling Film Evaporator

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A falling film evaporator is an industrial device to concentrate solutions, especially with heat sensitive components. The evaporator is a special type of heat exchanger. In general evaporation takes place inside vertical tubes, but there are also applications where the process fluid evaporates on the outside of horizontal or vertical tubes. In all cases, the process fluid to be evaporated flows downwards by gravity as a continuous film. The fluid will create a film along the tube walls, progressing downwards (falling) - hence the name.

The fluid distributor has to be designed carefully in order to maintain an even liquid distribution for all tubes along which the solution falls. These distributors are usually called ferrules due to their concentric shape. In the majority of applications the heating medium is placed on the outside of the tubes. High heat transfer coefficients are required in order to achieve equally balanced heat transfer resistances. Therefore, condensing steam is commonly used as a heating medium.

For internally evaporating fluids, separation between the liquid phase (the solution) and the gaseous phase takes place inside the tubes. In order to maintain conservation of mass as this process proceeds, the downward vapor velocity increases, increasing the shear force acting on the liquid film and therefore also the velocity of the solution. The result can be a high film velocity of a progressively thinner film resulting in increasingly turbulent flow. The combination of these effects allows very high heat transfer coefficients.

The heat transfer coefficient on the evaporating side of the tube is mostly determined by the hydrodynamic flow conditions of the film. For low mass flows or high viscosities the film flow can be laminar, in which case heat transfer is controlled purely by conduction through the film. Therefore in this condition the heat transfer coefficient decreases with increased mass flow. With increased mass flow the film becomes wavy laminar and then turbulent. Under turbulent conditions the heat transfer coefficient increases with increased flow.

Evaporation takes place at very low mean temperature differences between heating medium and process stream, typically between 3 - 6K, therefore falling film evaporators are ideal for heat recovery in multi stage processes. A further advantage of the falling film evaporator is the very short residence time of the liquid and the absence of superheating of the same. Not considering the vapour separator, the residence time inside the tubes is measured in seconds, making it ideal for heat-sensitive products such as milk, fruit juice, pharmaceuticals, and many others. Falling film evaporators are also characterised by very low pressure drops; therefore, they are often used in deep vacuum applications.

Ai FF70 Falling Film Evaporator Features

  • 70 gallons per hour running rate
  • Fully automatic operation
  • 304/316 3A sanitary stainless steel construction
  • RTD controlled ethanol preheater
  • Pressure/vacuum relief valve
  • Stainless steel support stand and mounting point
  • C1D2 stainless enclosure with 10" HMI
  • Remote mounted main power panel - Non rated
  • 16.5 CFM vacuum scroll pump
  • Modulating vacuum control valve
  • Manual control valves for liquid heating systems, vacuum control, and liquid chilling system
  • C1D2, UL compliant, peer-engineer reviewed
  • Made and factory tested in the USA

On-site installation included in the price


 Model  FF70
 Electrical requirements
 208V 60Hz 3~Phase 15 Amps
 Temperature range  5°C to 100°C
 Production capacity
 70 gallons per hour (dependent upon operator settings)
 Residency time
 Less than 3 minutes
 Material  304/316, 3A sanitary stainless steel
 Controller  Wash down rated touch screen
 Evaporation & condensing chamber  - Insulated 8 x 45" shell and tube design with 4" inline sight glass
 - Liquid heated and cooled
 Utility fluids

     Temperature: 5-10°C
     Min. flow rate: 20 gallon per minute
     Pressure: 14.9 PSI
     Temperature: 100°C
     Min. flow rate: 20 gallon per minute
     Pressure: 14.9 PSI


 UL, C1D2, peer engineer reviewed

 Unit dimensions 
 52 x 27.5 x 114" (WxDxH)
 Unit weight  2,300 Lbs
 Warranty  One year

 Heating system at $20,785
   Optional, Made in the USA

 - 15-HP Columbia hot water boiler system
 - 120V 60Hz, 1~Phase, 15 Amps, 630K BTU
 - Skid mounted
 - Natural gas fired process heater
 - High efficiency burner and fuel train
 - 100-gallon tank capacity
 - Remote mounted circulation pump and panel
 - 50-80 gpm flow rate
 - 50-120°C operating range

 Cooling system at $44,000
   Optional, Made in the USA

 - 25-ton G&D glycol chiller
 - 230V 60Hz 3~Phase, 116 Amps
 - 190 gallon stainless steel tank
 - Compress: Tandem Scroll
 - Condenser: Air-cooled with EC motors
 - Coolant pump: 2 HP
 - GPM: 65 at 25 PSI
 - Connection: 1.5" FPT
 - Heat exchanger: Stainless steel brazed plate
 - Skid-mounted
 - Dual scroll compressor with vertical fan system
 - Frame: Powder coated steel, housing: powder coated aluminum
 - Enclosure rating: NEMA 3R
 - Weight: 4,830 Lbs (Approx.)
 - Refrigerant: R410a
 - Cooling capacity
     30°F: 226,800 BTU/H, 66.5 kW
     40°F: 273,000 BTU/H, 80.0 kW
     50°F: 324,000 BTU/H, 95.2 kW

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