Ai Floor Mounted Series Walk in Fume Hoods

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Ai floor mounted series fume hoods help provide the additional space needed for specific jobs while maintaining a high level of safety for those performing it. With experience building custom sized floor mounted fume hoods ranging from 6’ to more than 16’ in width, we can provide the solution that gives you the space needed to safely fit laboratory technicians and all their equipment without being restricted by a fume not meant for the job.

Made in the U.S.A.

Standard features

  • Welded superstructure for structural rigidity and design flexibility to contain large equipment and conveyances
  • Three-piece baffle system with three adjustable dampers to regulate lighter- and heavier-than-air gases
  • Airfoil around top and sides of sash opening, with electrical fixtures and plumbing controls mounted on bias surface
  • Bypass grill with adjustable louvers to control bypass air volume
  • Two independent, full-framed, stainless steel vertical sash with integral stainless steel finger pulls
  • Stainless steel sash guides, duct collar
  • Sash/counterweight pulley system utilizing four 2 ½”-diameter pulleys for one-finger sash movement; full-width counterweight featuring “Tilt-Lock” for additional safety and durability
  • Vapor-proof fluorescent light fixture – 2’ or 4’ (bulbs not included)

Optional equipment​

  • Liner material – choice of nine non-asbestos materials
  • Electrical switches and receptacles.  Also explosion-proof lighting and fixtures available.
  • Remote-controlled plumbing fixtures, with chrome or color-coded outlets.  Pre-piped hard copper with soldered joints.
  • Choice of sashes – vertical rising (standard); top-hung horizontal sliding; combination (vertical /horizontal)
  • Ceiling enclosure
  • Air velocity monitor/alarm
  • Auxiliary air bonnet – supplements room air by supplying 70% of hood air from outside building.  Requires its own blower and duct.
  • Automatic sash closer
  • Work surface – cast epoxy, dished or flat
  • Blowers – selected to match hood and duct work configuration, corrosive or ignitable exhaust fumes


CFM needed for hazardous environment

 Rotovap size  Solvent  Normal operations (CFM)
 Supply or collection
 vessel spill (CFM)
 Total CFM needed
 Ethanol  45
 275  320
 Heptane  53  529  582
 Hexane  55  1612  1667
 Pentane  64  2610  2674
 20L  Ethanol  33  275  308
 Heptane  39  529  568
 Hexane  40  1612  1652
 Pentane  47  2610  2657
 10L  Ethanol  19  275  294
 Heptane  22  529  551
 Hexane  23  1612  1635
 Pentane  27  2610  2637

Fume hood specifications

 Model  FH-Floor
 Rotovap electrical requirements
 220V, 30A, 1-PH, L6-30R
 Vacuum pump electrical requirements
 110V, 5A, 1-PH, 5-15R
 220V, 5A, 1-PH, 6-20R
 Vacuum regulator electrical requirements  110V, 5A, 1-PH, 5-15R
 220V, 5A, 1-PH, 6-20R
 Total receptacle requirements
 L6-30R x 1, 5-15R x 2
 L6-30R x 1, 6-20R x 2
 Ports requirements
 3/4" MNPT x 3
 Internal dimensions (WxDxH)  For 20L and 50L rotovaps: 76 x 54 x 114"
 For 10L rotovaps: 60 x 46 x 91"
 Unit dimensions (WxDxH)  For 50L rotovaps: 52 x 30 x 92"
 For 20L rotovaps: 46 x 23.5 x 82.5"
 For 10L rotovaps: 36 x 22 x 67"
 Operation space  In addition to the total dimensions, 2 ft (WxD), 2 ft (H) operation space
 is required
 Warranty  One year

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